Twila Jean 

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Redemption - Twila Jean
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Twila Jean is thrilled to be back doing what she loves in both Madison and Milwaukee. Summer and fall 2022 bring continuing musical projects as well as a new collaboration with renowned Madison musician and writer John Duggleby.  Stay tuned as this new duo makes its debut at the end of September in Madison's Willy Street neighborhood!

We can all agree that COVID's lockdowns brought changes to how we connect with others, musicians being no exception. Here's an article from Milwaukee's arts paper "The Shepherd Express" on Twila's virtual collaborations during COVID.

Twila's 2017 music video "Bring Me Your Dark," released on YouTube 11/11.

Listen! Clip from 2017 album "Redemption."

Unique Projects

Honoring the music of prog rock keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman, Twila put together a charity event at Shank Hall January 14, 2020, featuring the best Milwaukee area keyboardists and their bands in an evening of Wakeman music. Twila Jean, keyboardist Terry Michaels, and percussionist Tony Jefferson were Paul Hosts's guests on WMSE's "Why My Head Hurts" to discuss this event.

Keys for a Cause InterviewWhy My Head Hurts
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